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The Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae), sometimes also called Crane Flower, is native to South Africa and produces colorful flowers, which look like an exotic bird's beak and may even appear in winter. Since our plants are propagated by division, each one is ready to bloom (no seedlings). As the pot size increases, they form more shoots and flowers, but the height does not exceed shoulder height including the pot.

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Bird of Paradise plants (Strelitzia reginae) are truly heavenly with their orange-blue flowers that resemble a colorful bird's beak and head plumage and last for many weeks. But it is not only the flowers that make these robust and long-lived perennials precious companions on summer terraces and balconies, in living rooms and conservatories. Their banana-like leaves also create a tropical atmosphere. They are firm, dark to bluish-green and determine the overall height of a Strelitzia: they do not grow higher than the longest leaf (0.8-1.5 m). Instead, with age, they form more and more shoots, each of which produces 2-3 flowers.
Therefore, the height of an offered strelitzia says little about its age, but rather the pot size and thus number of shoots. The flowering time is very much influenced by the overwintering conditions. In permanently warm, bright places in living rooms and conservatories, the flowers already open during the winter months. If they are kept in staircases, sporadically heated offices or  bright lofts, they will not open until spring and summer, even though the first flower stalks can often be seen as early as November. The important thing to remember about these exceptionally low-maintenance and pest-free exotics is: it's better to care slightly less than too much! Too much water can damage the roots, too little never. Too much fertilizer leads to plenty of new leaves, but to fewer flowers. If a Strelitzia does not bloom even after years, it is a seedling and will take at least 6-7 years before it shows the first flowers. In garden centers seedlings are often offered very cheaply, but you are buying yourself a long wait. Our plants instead are propagated by division and will bloom at any size and as soon as you receive them. Propagation by division means splitting a vigorous mother plant into a number of pieces, each of which is ready to bloom after the growing phase.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality
: exotic & orange-blue & long lasting flowers; banana-like foliage in tropical look; robust and easy to care for; small growing
punkt_gruen.gif Use: from April/May outdoors in pots in wind-protected places (balcony/terrace/garden); all year round in conservatories and well-lit living areas and offices

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Flowering period
Constantly blooming
Color of flowers
Full sun
winter temperature
10 (±10)°C
Minimum temperature
0 °C
Hardiness Zones
1 - 1,5 m