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Worldwide Plants

Worldwide Plants

Plants from all over the world

Knowing the origin of a plant is not only something for botanists and taxonomists or those who want to set up their home in a certain style, e.g. "Australian" or "Asian". From the country of origin, or more precisely the climatic and soil conditions there, a lot of clues can be gathered about the requirements of a plant. For example, many Australian plants are light hungry and adapted to low-nutrient soils. East Asian and North American species often have a high frost tolerance, while representatives from Southeast Asia need warm conditions with high humidity all year round. Among the South American plants are numerous, very strong-growing species that can assert themselves in the rain forest with their lush growth – and also rapidly increase in height and volume in our country. And even if this background information is of no great interest to you, you may want to know where your favorites are at home and what a long way they have come to our container gardens and conservatories.

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