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FLORA TOSKANA has been shipping plants in parcels and as general cargo by forwarding agents since 1998. The many years of experience result in well engineered and proven packaging techniques.

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    Due to mature packaging methods of Flora Toskana, the plants don't suffer from damage during transportation, even if the package is handled upside down.

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    Before shipment all plants get thoroughly watered and the pots are well packed. Thus even more than 10 days of shipment duration cannot harm the plants. Therefore, Flora Toskana can deliver all over Europe.

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    In the cold season, our team automatically pays attention to frost-free delivery times. In winter, shipping pauses depending on the weather.

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    We consider your date requests e.g. for gifts or during vacation periods, if possible.

SHIPMENT BY PACKAGE (within Germany)

The duration of shipment normally is one to three days within Germany, depending on the distance or exceptions like islands. Every client gets a note via email from Flora Toskana the same day, the parcel leaves the premises. The transportation of the parcels and the final delivery is implemented by DPD. Flora Toskana has no influence on DPD internals. If your order comprises more than one item (plant), we send all in one shipment, if nothing else has been fixed individually with the client. Therefore the time of delivery depends on the item with the longest delivery period. Unfortunately, delivery to a DHL Packstation  is not possible.

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    The cardboard boxes are comparatively large and thick-walled. They can be taken to the paper container for recycling. The bamboo sticks can be further used as plant supports or climbing aids.

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    Despite the large packages, shipping costs remain stable at Flora Toskana. Per order (not per package) a flat rate of 12.95 Euro applies for package shipping within Germany, no matter how many plants are included (for plants up to 30 kg weight and/or up to 170 cm total height incl. pot).  

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    No parcel service is completely error-free. We have been working with DPD for over a decade and have the best experience with this provider. DPD informs you via email about the status of your individual package, parcel tracking is possible.

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    The duration of shipment is normally 2-7 days. For shipments consisting of several packages, the individual packages may not all be delivered on the same day. Please wait until the shipment is complete, before you contact us.


Shipping live plants is not an easy task. Flora Toskana successfully delivers large specimens by general cargo with the forwarding company Gerstlauer all over Germany and Europe. The guarantor for damage-free deliveries is safe packaging and a fair customer. Please provide a correct phone number and email address where you can always be reached. Make the delivery possible, even if the time is not exactly the one you may have wished for. The delivery is free to curbside, it does not include moving the plants where you would like to have them.

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    Plants exceeding 30 kilograms in weight or 170 cm in height are shipped by a forwarding company on disposable pallets or Euro pallets (have exchange pallet ready).

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    Each forwarding shipment is packed individually with careful protection of the pot, trunk and crown.

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    The shipping costs for freight forwarding depend on the weight and volume of the plants and the distance. Our online shop calculates the total shipment costs individually for your order BEFORE you press the "buy" button.
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    The forwarding company is instructed to contact you (notification) to coordinate the final delivery. The shipment duration within Germany is normally between two and seven days. The delivery is free to curbside.


Flora Toskana has already delivered to all countries in Europe, including popular vacation islands such as Tenerife or the Azores. Shipping to Austria is our daily business (from 1st January 2021 we have to charge the VAT rate of currently 13% valid in Austria and also pay it there. From 1st July 2021 this applies to all EU countries: VAT will be charged at the rate applicable in the recipient country (and also paid there). Large nations such as Spain and France are joined by Eastern European customers from the Ukraine as well as from Poland, Hungary or Romania. Delivery times vary depending on country and distance. Please contact us in advance by email for details. If you order several items from us in one order, for which different delivery times apply, we will send the goods in one shipment, unless we have agreed otherwise with you. In this case, the delivery time that applies to the item in your order with the longest delivery time applies to the shipment of goods as a whole.

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    Our packaging method is suitable for international shipment: safe, proven and ideal for long distances. Parcels are shipped by DPD, in rare cases by DHL, bigger plants by forwarding agent (e.g. Gerstlauer).

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    The shipment costs depend on the weight. The Flora Toskana online shop calculates the costs after you have entered your address, but before you press the "buy" button.

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    For larger orders abroad, please give us a few more days in advance to organize the shipment, since the transport is organized individually. Therefore, please let us know your desired date in good time.

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    Because the forwarding company coordinates all delivery dates, Flora Toskana can only provide you with approximate data. The forwarding agent is instructed to arrange a fixed date with you (notification).