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What makes the difference in plant quality of Flora Toskana in comparison to other dealers? In the following you'll find a bunch of good arguments, what distinguishes us from Ebay sellers und part-time gardeners:

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      All plants of Flora Toskana have already grown several years, we do not offer young seedlings or barely rooted cuttings.

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      IN POTS

      All plants are delivered in pots, e.g. in black or terracotta-colored plastic containers. The product specification " 3 l", "7 l", "12 l" etc. in our online shop0 is related to the content / capacity of the pots in liters (l).

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      The height specifications of the articles reflect the PURE PLANT HEIGHT, i.e. the plant size from the top of the pot. All data refer to the average plant height of the article. Seasonal variations of 20-30% may occur due to growth and pruning. The information on plant height is therefore to be understood as an orientation value.

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      The cultivation period in the Flora Toskana greenhouse adapts the plants to the climate - and especially to the light conditions - that prevail in this country.
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      The majority of our fruit plants are grafted or grown from cuttings to obtain the best possible harvest.

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      The pure height of a plant can be deceptive, but the circumference of a stem is not, because it reflects the real age of a plant. Therefore, for large trees, we indicate the circumference of the stem, abbreviated StU. Please note that it is the circumference, not the diameter or radius.

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      The weight of our plants is subject to strong fluctuations due to factors such as the moisture content of the soil. Therefore, no definitive and generally valid weight specifications for the individual articles are possible. As a rough idea, one can calculate with 1 kg weight per liter of pot content, i.e. 7 kilograms for a plant in a 7-liter pot and 80 kilograms for a large plant in an 80-liter pot.

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      To give our customers an idea of the offered plants, you will find every article accompanied by a bundle of photos. The pictures/photos of the plants offered for sale here are an exemplary part of the species and do not explicitly show the individual plant the customer will be sent.


Flora Toskana does not work on an organic basis, but we take care to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible. Plant protection products are not used on a prophylactic basis, but as needed and with the gentlest possible active ingredients (e.g. white oil).

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    The water reservoir behind the glasshouse, which holds approximately 1 million liters, collects all the rainwater from the roof surfaces. The amount is enough to water all the plants all year round.

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    We do not use any growth stimulants at all (e.g. for growth reduction or early flowers), but influence the growth of our plants with manual work and consistent pruning.
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    The potting area of Flora Toskana shows that we use the best soil for exotic plants (you can order it in our shop for private use). The sizes of our pots and plants are so varied that a potting machine would not work. We do it all by hand.

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    Flora Toskana is not a merchant or trader, who buy their plants one day and sell them the next day. We keep our plants for a long time, sometimes for many years before they change their owner.