BESTSELLER (rank 4) - With panicles of white, bell-shaped flowers in fall and cheeky, fiery red fruits to eat in summer the Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo) offers you a great many advantages. In addition, the shrubs are evergreen and, as classic representatives of the Mediterranean fauna, popular Mediterranean guests in the garden as pot or winter garden plants.

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Strawberries that grow on tree? There's no such thing, is there? Yes, there is, because the strawberry-like fruits of the Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo) are not only pretty to look at as they ripen from bright yellow to orange to bright red, but also edible. You can either enjoy them fresh, boil them down to jelly or, as in Sardinia or Corsica, make spirits (liqueur, wine) of them. In addition, these evergreen Mediterranean shrubs produce pretty panicles of white, bell-shaped flowers, which usually open in fall, but can also open in spring and even summer, depending on how they are overwintered. Since fruit ripening takes many months, in many cases a Strawberry Tree can have flowers and fruit on the same plant at the same time. At an advanced age, Strawberry Trees can grow into gnarled trees. Due to their frost tolerance, these Ericaceae native to the Mediterranean region are not only suitable as Mediterranean plants for patios and winter gardens, but also for warm sunny spots in gardens and front gardens on well-drained soils not prone to waterlogging.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: attractive & edible & strawberry-like fruits; attractive white, bell-shaped flowers; slow growing & evergreen & gnarled habit; very hardy

punkt_gruen.gif Use: planted out in the garden; from March/April to November outdoors in pots (balcony, terrace or patio); all year round in an unheated conservatory

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5 (+/- 5) °C
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-15 °C
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2,5 - 3 m