Compared to the wild species (Bougainvillea glabra 'Sanderiana'), the Bougainvillea cultivar 'Violacea' bears very large and thus striking flower bracts in violet or purple.

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Responsible for the impressive colours of this climber are three bracts that surround each cluster of flowers. In their middle is the actual, yellow and slim tubular flower, that usually lasts for only a few days - unlike the bracts that last for weeks. If a cluster of bracts comes to its end, the inflorescens dries out and looks like parchment. You should now remove them and cut the shoots. Cut off one half to two-thirds of the shoot grown since the last trimming. In case of a stem or a shrub trim as much as needed for a pleasant, round shape. Only 3-4 weeks later the Bougainvillea will grow new flowers, so that it blooms 4-5 times a year. Even with the short interruptions one can therefore allmost call them permanently blooming. In summer, fully foliated Bougainvilleas need plenty of water. In case of deficiency the leaves roll up. However, the pots should also not be permanently wet, especially in winter, because otherwise the roots might rot. Increase the pot size only gradually to slighly larger pots when you replant your Bougainvillea. Very large pots enhance the growth but not the bloom. Furthermore a large pot increases the risk of a damage by wetness.

punkt_gruen.gifQuality: Mediterranean classic with shiny clusters of flowers; almost permanently blooming; can be grown as a climber or trimmed to shrub or stem punkt_gruen.gifUse: in pots starting from May to September outside on balcony & terrace or in the garden; all year round in an heated greenhouse

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South Amercia
Flowering period
Constantly blooming
Color of flowers
Full sun
winter temperature
15 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature
0 °C
Hardiness Zones
4 - 5 m