And they bloom, and bloom and bloom. In bright places, September Bushes (Polygala myrtifolia) flower for months, on the terrace often without a break from April/May to September. The purple flowers harmonize perfectly with the mid- to dark green leaves of these South African, pest-free small shrubs, which will not outgrow you even over the years, especially since they are very tolerant of pruning.

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September Bush ( Polygala myrtifolia) is one of our most permanent flowering plants in our assortment: its flowers resemble a rowing boat and with interesting brushes of white stamen it decorates the branches’ tips in large clusters. In a winter garden, the shrub with its bluish green leaves blossoms almost throughout the year! In extreme heat during summer, the leaves of this South American small shrub might change color to red. In winter, light deficiency might cause a break in flowering. These interruptions, however, never last long. The evergreen shrubs stay small and compact even without pruning and can be trimmed to half-standards by regularly pruning the branches’ tips. The September Bush likes permanently moist soil. Even after short periods of drought it will soon recover. Waterlogging, however, will cause the roots to rot. It has no special requirements regarding soil or fertilizer.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: permanent blossom; flowers in the shape of a rowing boat; bluish-green leaves; small and compact growing; evergreen
punkt_gruen.gif Use: starting from April to October outside on balcony & terrace and in the garden - during winter indoors, all-year in a heated greenhouse; all-year in a very bright room or office

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Flowering period
Constantly blooming
Color of flowers
Small shrub
winter temperature
10 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature
0 °C
Hardiness Zones
1 - 1,5 m