Flowering Dreams

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Flowering Dreams


BESTSELLER (rank 15) - When you are looking for the reddest red among bougainvillea, the variety 'Rubiana' is the right choice for you. The flower spectacle start with a strong crimson red and changes color to light purple during the flowering process.

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Red is one of the most popular colors of bougainvilleas. With the variety 'Rubiana' we offer you a rich, attractive wine red and with the variety "Barbara Karst' a bright, clear red. After all, you have experienced the brightness yourself on vacation and would like to enjoy the same at home on your Mediterranean-style terrace. But this vacation picture is only a snapshot: even the most dark red bougainvillea like 'Rubiana' fades a little more with each passing day and would have presented itself in a different color even at your vacation spot a week or 10 days later. So what starts out as red buds in red bougainvillea varieties, which also have a slight reddish tinge to their young leaves, ends up as more or less light purple flowers. Please take this natural behavior into account when we, as a specialized company, offer you red bougainvillea around the year. Naturally, we cannot send every customer our bougainvilleas in the deep red initial stage of flowering all year round, and we hope that this circumstance will not reduce your pleasure in the vigorous plants, which will already produce a new flush of flowers after three to five weeks.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: intensely colored perennial bloomers, vigorous, Mediterranean climbers or pruned as shrubs/standards

punkt_gruen.gif Use: from May outside on balcony & terrace; all year round in heated winter gardens

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South Amercia
Flowering period
Constantly blooming
Color of flowers
Full sun
winter temperature
15 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature
0 °C
Hardiness Zones
4 - 5 m