Sun worshipper Bougainvillea

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Spring on Madeira


Instead of stealing the show from your plants, the simple Doppio Bordo series gives them the best stage. A planter that you never get tired of thanks to its classic shape: a purchase for life.

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Unbreakable, color-stable and lightweight: our range of plastic pots in terracotta not only look Italian – they are also made there in the old tradition. The classic shapes and detailed ornaments are just as convincing as the quality. The pots are frost-hardy and resistant to light, which means that they do not fade or become brittle even after years of permanent outdoor use. Especially with larger and therefore heavier plants, the lightweight pots show their full advantage: Even old plants can still be moved easily in them. If a pot falls over or is bumped against during transport, an ornament is not immediately knocked out as with clay pots. Instead, the molds for the containers are already equipped with small bumps and "flaws" that make the containers look handmade and very natural. This effect is so perfect that our customers mistake them for real Impruneta terracotta pots, both from a distance and up close, until they lift them up without any problem. Our low-maintenance pots in this classic rusty color are not only a long-lasting purchase – in new series, they also offer plenty of choices for those who want to design their terrace or patio in ivory, rust color or chocolate brown.

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