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Professional Fertilizer for Potted Plants | FLORA TOSKANA

Our proven all-round fertilizer for the most popular container and winter garden plants (especially for flowering plants).

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Fertilizer for all potted and container plants: Our all-round fertilizer is a highly concentrated and efficient plant food; one package is enough for 500 liters of watering solution. Balanced combination of nutrients for healthy growth: 18% nitrogen (N), 11% phosphorus (P), 18% potassium (K) + all necessary trace elements.

Plants in pots or containers cannot independently access sources of nutrients as do garden plants. Therefore, they are reliant on the constant supply of a balanced mixture of nutrients. We have tried various fertilizer compositions in our many years of practice: This one is an all-rounder that helps all pot-grown plants stay healthy, vigorous and blooming. Nitrogen (N) keeps leaves dark green and promotes healthy leaf growth without fattening plants. Phosphorus (P) stimulates flowering, and potassium (K) stabilizes the branches and allows the fruits or seeds to mature optimally.

Simple dosage: From March until fall mix powder once a week in water (two grams per liter), that is, twenty grams, or about one teaspoon per 10-l watering can. Water the plant thoroughly with the fertilizer solution so that the soil is soaked to the bottom of the pot.

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