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BESTSELLER (Rank 14) - This fascinating plant (Citrus medica 'Digitata' o. var. sarcodactylis), also known as Buddha's hand, produces "finger-shaped" fruits which are probably among the most unusual and decorative citrus fruits. Their peel smells intensely like a noble perfume: simply fantastic!

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The origin of the citron ‘Buddha’s Hand’ (Citrus medica 'Digitata', Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis) is most likely East or Southeast Asia. In China and Japan, it is still widely grown and used for religious ceremonies. No wonder, since the shape of its fruit is not all that is unusual: the peel smells very intensely like a multi-faceted sweet-floral perfume that you would normally not attribute to a citrus fruit. And this without having to touch or even rub them. The dried peel provides a good scent in cupboards and keeps away clothes pest. The unusual fruit split into what looks like 'fingers'. Usually, the fruit develops clearly more than 5 'tips', giving it a bizarre and unique appearance, as no fruit is identical to another. The flowers are large (3.5-4 cm) and their buds, like the young leaves, are covered with a purple sheen. When cultivated in containers, main flowering usually occurs in spring or late summer, although flowers may also appear in summer. 'Buddha's Hand' shows its family ties to the heat-loving citrons by its habit. It forms vigorous branches that branch moderately and does not grow very tall. This makes it well-suited to container growing.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: unusual, finger-shaped fruits with intensely fragrant peel; fragrant flowers; fragrant, glossy and evergreen leaves

punkt_gruen.gif Use: from April in pots outside on balcony & terrace & in the garden- during winter in winter quarters or winter gardens; all year round in a heated winter garden or bright room

punkt_gruen.gif Note: All Flora Toskana citrus varieties are GRAFTED. Advantages: Flowering and fruiting from the smallest size (harvest in the first year). Robust roots that forgive care mistakes and ensure longevity. Varietal identity with the highest fruit quality and quantity.

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Asia (mediterranean)
Flowering period
Blooming several times
Color of flowers
Edible fruits
Fragrant flowers
Tree or shrub
winter temperature
12 (±5)°C
Minimum temperature
5 °C
Hardiness Zones
2 - 2,5 m