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The Cockspur Coral Tree gets its name from the shape of its midsummer flowers: the specific name "crista-galli" means cock's comb. Long terminal spikes of striking dark red flowers make it a stunning and attractive addition to any pot or winter garden. Over the years, the Argentine national trees form gnarled trunks, reminiscent of vines, which sprout fresh every spring.

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Cockspur Coral Trees (Erythrina crista-galli) are the national trees of Argentina. During summer, stunning, deep red, pea-type flowers in terminal racemes up to 20 to 25cm long open up at the branches’ tips and earn the tree its botanical name crista-galli = cock’s comb/cockspur. Over the years Cockspur Coral Trees form thick, gnarled trunks with deeply textured bark that make them resemble vines. The branches, which sprout from dormant buds on the trunks, grow longer and longer as the season progresses and bend elegantly over. In (late) fall, the shoots drop their tri-pinnate, leathery leaves and dry out - regardless of location and care. Therefore, dark, just frost-free rooms, in which the modest shrubs hardly need space, are sufficient as winter quarters. Provided that the soil does not dry out completely over winter, but a low basic moisture level is maintained, these South American plants can grow very old and be passed on from generation to generation, their trunks becoming thicker and gnarlier.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: bright red & very large inflorescences; gnarled trunks & bent branch tips; overwintering in a dark place

punkt_gruen.gif Use: in pots from April to October outdoors on balcony, terrace and in the garden with overwintering indoors; all year round in slightly or sporadically heated conservatories

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South Amercia
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winter temperature
8 (±5)°C
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-5 °C
Hardiness Zones
3 - 4 m