Thanks to their narrow, tightly fitting leaves, mandarins (Citrus reticulata) naturally grow into wonderfully compact citrus plants and neat little citrus trees. A rich winter harvest with intense aroma is just as certain as a fragrant, prolific bloom.

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Growth and Size

The Mandarin Orange (Citrus reticulata) is native to South- East Asia (e.g. Philippines) and naturally develops a very compact, densely leaved crown with oblong- narrow leaves. It is a robust citrus that will even grow well in a cool place. In contrast to Lemon or Lime, its branches have no thorns. The flowers are rather small (1.5-2 cm), but appear very numerous, pure white and during the main bloom in Mai / June send out clouds of its sweet- dry perfume. However, the time of main bloom may vary depending on wintering conditions and the plant’s constitution. Not all flowers will be pollinated, so that usually only as many fruits are produced as the plant can nourish. If there are too many fruits the plant will drop some of them. The fruits have a distinctive flattened - round shape. The moderately thick and orange peel can be easily peeled. The fruit pulp is orange- red, juicy, contains many seeds and - even in our climate - is very sweet! For many people, its aroma is more intensive than that of seedles Clementine or Satsuma. Harvest is usually during winter from November to January. The amount of fruit may vary from year to year. Even ripe fruits still remain at the branches for a long time so that apart from their value as a tasty fruit they also are very decorative.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: fragrant & very numerous flowers; edible & and decorative fruits; compact & dense crown; evergreen & fragrant leaves
punkt_gruen.gif Use: in pots from April / May outside on balcony, terrace and in the garden - during winter in a winter quarter or greenhouse; all year in a heated greenhouse or bright room

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Asia (mediterranean)
Flowering period
Blooming several times
Color of flowers
Edible fruits
Fragrant flowers
Tree or shrub
winter temperature
8 (±5)°C
Minimum temperature
0 °C
Hardiness Zones
2 - 2,5 m